Recertificación de Nadcap de proceso químico con mérito. Asistencia de Elhco en el Nadcap meeting de febrero de 2024

After the audit conducted in October 2023, Elhco successfully revalidated the Nadcap certification in the area of chemical processing with merit. This demonstrates the robustness and reliability of our metal coating processes, such as electroless nickel plating, zinc-nickel coating, and passivation of steels, among others. Additionally, during the same audit, Elhco expanded the scope of its audit by adding the paint process, which is used to enhance the protection of coated parts against corrosion.

With these certifications, the qualified personnel at Elhco have Nadcap’s conformity to carry out various chemical and paint processes for treating parts on behalf of aerospace sector companies, reaffirming our ability to provide services at the highest level.

Furthermore, Elhco has attended the first edition of the Nadcap meeting in 2024, held from February 19 to 22 at the InterContinental Athenaeum hotel in Athens, Greece. The event featured the presence of more than 200 delegates from various aerospace-related companies. In this edition, several current topics were discussed, including data protection and cybersecurity in the aerospace industry, the prohibition or suspension by some OEMs of chemicals with potential health or environmental risks (perchloroethylene, PFAs), and the deadlines for the use of substances regulated by REACH regulations (cadmium and hexavalent chromium).

During the meetings of the Chemical Process Task Group, new requirements for failure mode B of the 2024 Nadcap audit have been discussed and approved, established statistically. The initial questionnaire for potential Nadcap chemical process auditors has also been discussed, and the questions from the AC7108/2 checklist have been deliberated and approved, among other interesting technical topics.

During this meeting, Elhco has had the opportunity to interact with many of the most important players in the global aerospace sector and showcase our brand as one of the leading providers of metal coatings in Europe. Additionally, new contacts have been established that could lead to future collaborations.