Our chemical laboratory is equipped to carry out daily controls of the most necessary analyses and not depend on external laboratories. In this way, the baths are permanently monitored and within specification. For this task, the laboratory has the following measurement equipment:


pH is one of the parameters that is analysed the most since it plays a very important role in other parameters such as salts solubility, reaction speed or electrodeposition speed.


The ionometer is an instrument used for the specific determination of an ion by means of ion selective electrodes (ISE). Elhco has an ISE for the measurement of chlorides and fluorides.

Conductivity meter

Purity of and its quality is mainly determined by conductivity, which provides a direct measure of all dissolved ions. Conductivity measurement is crucial for bath formulation and washing waters.


The so-called automatic titration burettes are basic tools for titrations. With this technique, multiple analyses can be carried out, such as the determination of the alkalinity/acidity of a bath, metal content, and reductant content, among others.


It is used in Hull cell testing to analyse the main parameters of the electrolytic baths as well as the deposition speed. Then, optimisations of the working parameters can be made to obtain the best quality.

Salt spray chamber

Elhco has a 1000-litre salt spray chamber to carry out accelerated corrosion tests using neutral salt spray in accordance with ISO 9227 and ASTM B117 specifications.


Balances with different precisions depending on the use: highly precise analytical balances for analyte quantitative analysis and granatary balances for the formation of baths and qualitative level analysis.

Spectrophotometer UV-Vis

Our visible spectrum benchtop spectrophotometer (320 – 1100 nm) allows quick and accurate measurement of a wide range of ions in aqueous medium.


The metallographic laboratory is fully equipped to carry out measurements of the physical properties of the deposited layers for compliance validation of the requirements of the specifications.


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