Jornada de protección industrial de proyectos I+D

Due to our active involvement in R&D&I projects, for which the Spanish MICINN awarded us the prestigious label of Innovative SME, a delegation from Elhco attended a workshop on the industrial protection of innovation projects.

During this workshop, topics such as:

  • Essential aspects of industrial property.
  • The importance of protecting the knowledge generated during R&D&I projects.
  • Understanding the necessary requirements for innovation results to be eligible for protection.
  • Begin to master the various types of intangible business assets that exist.

Thanks to this workshop, we have been able to deepen our knowledge regarding the different ways to protect our intellectual property generated in R&D&I projects (patents, utility models, trade secrets, industrial design rights, etc.) and learn first-hand examples to determine which protection option may be most suitable for each case.

This workshop was organised by ACCIÓ and the Business Council of Osona, in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Osona and Creacció, and took place at Casa Convalescència in Vic on June 29, 2024.