September 7, 2023

Innovation is a fundamental pillar for the growth and development of any company today. In this context, Elhco is proud to announce the attainment of the prestigious Innovative SME Seal, awarded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation of Spain. This recognition comes as a result of the company’s outstanding track record in actively and consistently participating in R&D projects, solidifying its commitment to innovation and excellence in its industry.

The Innovative SME Seal is a distinction that recognizes small and medium-sized enterprises that stand out for their contribution to knowledge generation and the promotion of R&D in Spain. To obtain this distinction, companies must meet rigorous requirements and demonstrate a consistent commitment to innovation and research. Elhco has successfully passed this evaluation process, establishing its position as a reference in the field of innovation.

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A History of Excellence in R&D

Since its inception, Elhco has been committed to the continuous search for innovative solutions in the field of metal coatings. The company has actively participated in numerous R&D projects, closely collaborating with renowned research centers and universities. This collaboration has enabled the development of cutting-edge technologies that have improved the strength, durability, and performance of a wide range of products and components.

One of the highlights of Elhco’s track record has been its ability to adapt to and anticipate the changing needs of the market. This has been achieved through ongoing investment in R&D, as well as continuous training for its staff. As a result, the company has developed innovative solutions within the metal coatings industry, offering its customers high-quality, high-performance products.

Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Elhco is not only known for its excellence in R&D but also for its commitment to quality and sustainability. The company has implemented rigorous quality controls in all its processes, ensuring that its products meet the industry’s most demanding standards.

Furthermore, sustainability is a fundamental value for the company. Elhco has developed more efficient and environmentally friendly production processes, reducing its ecological footprint and promoting responsible practices throughout its supply chain. This concern for the environment is reflected in every stage of its operation, from raw material selection to waste management.

Collaboration with the Scientific Community

The attainment of the Innovative SME Seal would not have been possible without Elhco’s close collaboration with the scientific and technological community. The company has established strong relationships with various research institutions and universities, fostering the exchange of knowledge and the creation of synergies that have driven innovation in its industry.

This collaboration has not only enriched the company’s knowledge base but has also contributed to the advancement of science and technology in Spain. Elhco takes pride in being an active part of projects that have had a significant impact on various industries, from automotive to aerospace.

A Promising Future

With the Innovative SME Seal in hand, Elhco embarks on an even more promising future. The company will continue to dedicate significant resources to research and development, with the goal of delivering innovative and sustainable solutions to its customers.

Furthermore, the company aims to further strengthen its presence in the international market, bringing its cutting-edge technologies to new horizons. The attainment of the Innovative SME Seal reinforces its position as a leader in its industry and places it in an advantageous position to compete globally.