H2-FREE en LIEBHERR-Aerospace

In late October 2023, ELHCO participated in the final meeting of the H2-FREE project at LIEBHERR-Aerospace facilities in Lindenberg, Germany. All consortium partners involved in this project, Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon, Fundación Azterlan, Elsyca NV, Max Planck Institut für Eisenforschung, CIDETEC Surface Engineering and ELHCO were present and delivered the final results of the project, and a comprehensive review of the project’s initial objectives and their achievement was conducted.

The main objective of the H2-FREE project has been the development of a practical guide for the hydrogen degassing from Zn-Ni-coated UHSS steels, aimed at reducing production costs and enabling the substitution of cadmium-coated steels. The use of cadmium is regulated by the REACH regulations, and Zn-Ni serves as a less toxic and environmentally safer alternative. The electrodeposition of Zn-Ni has lower efficiency than cadmium electrodeposition, leading to the unused electricity in coating deposition being utilized in hydrogen production through the reduction of water molecules, which serves as the working medium. This nascent atomic hydrogen has the ability to be absorbed into the structure of the steels, causing material embrittlement and subsequent breakage.

The project was framed within the Clean Sky 2 of the Horizon Europe Framework Programme H2020 and was funded by the European Union. It officially concluded on October 31, 2023.

Finally, we express special thanks for the hospitality of LIEBHERR-Aerospace as the host to all the participants of the meeting.

H2-FREE en LIEBHERR-Aerospace