Reunión final del proyecto THERMOMASK en CIDETEC.

In mid-November 2023, ELHCO participated in the final meeting of the THERMOMASK project at CIDETEC Surface Engineering facilities in San Sebastián. The three consortium partners involved in this project, ELHCO, GAITEK, and RESCOLL, were present alongside representatives from CIDETEC, the research center providing technical and strategic support throughout the project.

The project belongs to the Eurostars CoD14 program of the Horizon Europe Framework Programme H2020, funded by CDTI in the international inter-company call. The project is scheduled to conclude on November 30, 2023, prompting a compilation of all information acquired during the 30 months of the project’s lifespan. An agreement was reached on how to approach the final steps to close it.

The THERMOMASK project has been focused on two main objectives:

  • The preparation of new masks to be selectively applied to metal parts. These masks must be physically and chemically resistant to withstand the aggressive conditions of certain electroplating baths, and should also be easily removable through the application of heat.
  • Development of a device for applying heat to the masks to facilitate their separation from the metal part. This device should be easy to handle and safe for the operators responsible for this task in production.

Once again, we would like to thank CIDETEC Surface Engineering for their warm welcome to all participants of the meeting and for the visit to their facilities.