Zinc-Nickel coating is a binary coating of zinc (85-88%) and nickel (12-15%), which offers a great resistance to corrosion, especially at high temperatures, and ultimately is used as substitute for cadmium coating.

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Also, zinc-nickel coatings offer a good ductility, resistance to high temperature and resistance to abrasion (is harder than the pure zinc coatings).

Main applications of zinc-nickel coatings are found in automotive and aeronautic industries, usually for parts that go to hydraulic connections, screws, fasteners brake discs, etc.

For aeronautic industry the process is carried out according to AIPS 02-04-006 specification.

We have an electrolytic bath that assure a great uniformity of the plated layer, and that can work to high current densities. At ELHCO we have a working tank with a volume of 1000 L.