Elhco - Recobriments galvànics i acabats de superficie

The Alodine process is a chemical conversion process of aluminium during which a layer of oxide/hydroxide of aluminium layer is obtained. This layer have at least 1 µm, and is obtained by chemical action of an acidic solution of chromates. The Alodine layers offer a certain grade of corrosion protection and are a good base for organic finishes.

ELHCO performs the Alodine process for aeronautic industry according to I+D-P-202 specification.

We offer two types of chemical conversion:

  • Type I – corresponds to Alodine 1200 (class 1A according to MIL-C-5541 standard) and have a yellow finish.
  • Type II – corresponds to Alodine 1500 (class 3 according to MIL-C-5541 standard) and have a transparent finish.

Also, by customer requirement we can perform the chemical conversion of aluminium with Chromital Surtec 650, which forms a layer based in chrome (III).