Sorrejat - Neteja mecànica de peces per abrasió

The and blasting process is a mechanical cleaning process by abrasion and is used both for metallic and non-metallic parts.

This method of cleaning is used for:

  • Deburing and scale removal.
  • Surface preparation for chemical or electrochemical finishing.
  • Removal of corrosion products.
  • Reactivation of aged surfaces.
  • General cleaning of parts with damaged protections or dry depsoits.
  • Removal of surface protection.
  • Improve surface finish achieving a defined roughness.
Sorrejat - Neteja mecànica de peces per abrasió

Elhco has two sand blasting machines: Coniex Norblast FN 36 and Coniex FN 30 T. The abrasive media used are: corundum Type I Grade C, according to A-A-5931 specification and glass beads according to MIL-PRF-9954 specification.

For aeronautics, sand blasting is a special process, for that Elhco established procedures according to AIPS 02-02-002 specification.