We have working tanks with a maximum working capacity of 2000 L.

Elhco - Recobriments galvànics i acabats de superficie

With this coating all the mechanical properties of the nickel-phosphorus coating are achived, together with the lubrification properties of Teflon. In some cases, the nickel-phoshporus-Teflon coating offeres such a lubrification and a coefficient of friction so low, that no other lubricants are needed for the parts.

As in the case of the standard electroless nickel-phosphorus process, the plating in done by an autocatalytic reaction. Concequentlly, the coating has the same propriety of uniformity of the layer on all the surface of the parts.

The aspect of the coating is mate gray and can be used as non-refracting coating.

The nickel-phosphorus-Teflon cating offers a great corrosion resistance, the same as the nickel-phosphorus coating (especially if a high contant of phosphorus is present), as well as, good abrasion properties, a good resitance to wear and a low friction coefcient. Though, compared with the nickel-phosphorus coating, the nickel-phosphorus-teflon coating has a lower microhardness.

For its proprierties of ware resistance and lubrication, the most frequent use is for the moulds industry.

The process at ELHCO is done for the aeronautic industry according to AIPS 02-04-011 specification.